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CHANNELpro Manual

CHANNELpro is an interface to several booking portals and central reservation systems. It enables private hotels and hotelchains to maintain online all inventory data such as rates and availabilities. Further all reservations processed through the CRS are saved and can be reviewed at any time.

CHANNELpro is available in German, English, French and Italian.

How is a hotel setup in CHANNELpro?

Our team will setup the hotel in CHANNELpro and provide the access data upon activation. From the moment of activation, the only way to maintain rates and availabilities will be through CHANNELpro
Your CRS access to REDX will then be deactivated.

Access to CHANNELpro
Upon receival of the activation mail, you can use the login and pass to enter the interface at . You will be automatically redirected to the availabilities page.

Menue and navigation

The menue contains 6 sections:
Availabilities, rates, reservations, language selection, contact and help.

The availability page is portioned into “Standard/Room inventory entry” on the left hand side and “fast entry” on the right hand side.

At first choose a month, which you wish to maintain and click on “update”.





Room inventory
Please use   (CLOSE) to close a complete day or to set a room invetory to „zero“.
Please use  (OPEN) to set the standard inventory for a complete day
Of course you can change availabilities of a room type each day on its own with different inventories.


Please note: YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON „SAVE MONTH“ to save your changes.

For your help the system has a „mouse over“description.
Just roll your PC mouse over one of the fields an a short description wil be displayed.

Fast entry
This feature allows you to change the following data at once:

* Room types to be updated
* Start and end of updated period
* Inventory
* If you have more than one distribution channel connected to CHANNELpro you can choose the channels to be updated

Again do not forget to click on „save period“ after changing the requested data!

To get a view of all months, simply click on „overview"


Please click on the menu „rates“and you will be directed to the rates page. You will see the actual rate seasons for each rate level.

Actual rates

To change a rate season, please click on the date.
For example:

You will then be directed to a detailed view.




In the detailed view you will be able to change the following settings:

  • Rate per room type and occupancy
  • Minimum stay
  • Validity of the rate



  • You cannot delete a rate season. It will be overwritten as soon as you have changed it.
  • Quad rooms are displyed as triple with additional person. The inserted rate for the additional person is the additional markup not the complete rate. If the markup is “zero” then the Quad room rate is equal to the triple room rate.
  • Again do not forget to click on „save period“ after changing the requested data!






Please click on reservations to be directed to an overview of all reservations arriving in the future, from the date of activation on.

To download or to view the complete reservation data, please click on the „PDF“ icon.